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Around 2,300 people currently enjoy living in our wine-growing community. This is not only due to its idyllic location amidst the Rhinehesse highlands and its mild climate, which is predominantly influenced by the Rhine, the Odenwald, the Donnersberg, and the Hunsrück, but also to Harxheim's busy club life and our efficient gastronomy. We have a Voluntary Fire Brigade, a Hunting Society, a sports club and a tennis club, as well as an association of farmers and wine growers, the choral society "Merriment", the Harxheim Carnival Company, and the Committee for Promoting Cultural Activities and Events. They all excel in a multitude of activities. Our partnership committee is quite active too, successfully cultivating traditionally friendly relations with the French community of Messigny-et-Vantoux in Burgundy, near Dijon.


Harxheim's most important economic asset is wine growing. More than 20 % of the area's 865 acres, namely around 185 acres, are used for this purpose. Since 1970, the wine companies have been allowed to only put the vineyard areas of "Schloßberg" (ca. 62 acres), "Lieth" (ca. 30 acres), and "Börnchen" (ca. 30 acres) on their labels. Lots of different wines are cultivated here, with the larger part of the area under cultivation (around 160 acres) being reserved for white wines.


Schloßberg tower, built in 1999



Several restaurants cater to the satisfaction of the guests flocking to Harxheim from far and near to be given a culinary treat and to savor the outstanding wines of the establishments' own cultivation. Our village is further proving to be of interest to small and medium-scale commercial enterprises of which there is already a considerable number. Also, people are actively searching for an area suitable for a commercial park.