Dalles (village center)

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Wine growing is of long standing in our community. Like everywhere else in Rhinehesse, it goes back to the Romans. As early as the end of the 2nd century, they created the viticulture which is the basis of wine growing to this day. During the times of famous Charlemagne – he became king of the Franks in 768, while documentary evidence of Harxheim can be traced to 767, making our village look back on a more than 1,200-year history! – vineyards spread out extensively. In addition, monasteries and monastic orders were very keen on further developing the art of wine growing.


Actually, Harxheim must have been founded much earlier, namely in the 6th century already, i.e. at a time when Rhinehesse was the heartland of the ever-expanding Frankish empire. Evidence for that comes from a Frankish cemetery which was discovered years ago in the now built-over fields "In der Haar". Among other items, an iron lance tip, a curved axe, and several pot shards were unearthed.

Old guildhall

Old archway (Obergasse)


The fields "In der Haar" have officially been called "Hinter der Hecke" since 1484. You will learn about this, as well as the meaning of the two names, by reading one of the 26 plaques that dot the 6 km of hiking and biking trail around Harxheim. After a long period of preparation, it was eventually opened in May, 1998. It entices you to a trip to the lovely countryside in which Harxheim is embedded. Placing these informative plaques as well as the general survey board next to the Old Scales in the village center, we have been breaking new ground in presenting the history of our picturesque village.